La Petite Magazine issue 12

If you haven’t already seen La Petite’s New issue out now, you can check it out here!

La Petite Magazine Petite Boys Style

Loving this Petite Boys Style post on the La Petite Blog. Isn’t he just too cute!

I am so excited to announce that La Petite Issue 11 is out now! You can read all about this issue here. My design editor Alyssa and the La Petite team including Jennifer Lee, Elly Mackay, Peggy and so much more worked so hard on this issue! I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

La Petite Magazine: Sneak Peek Spring 2013 Issue

Photography by Ganaëlle Glume

I am so excited to release our Spring 2013 Issue of La Petite Magazine coming out soon! I love working with so many talented photographers, artisans, crafters and more!

La Petite Magazine: Sneak Peek Spring 2013 Issue

Photography by Ross Bolger

La Petite Magazine Issue 10 via Kenziepoo

I am thrilled to announce today that issue 10 of La Petite Magazine is out today! I had so much fun working with our design editor Alyssa Yuhas. She is such an amazing talent and the sweetest person in the world to work with! You can view this issue here. Also, you can check out a fun interview on La Petite blog today with the adorable Lykke From The JNR Blog, brought to you by our new regular contributor Krystle from Rags & Paper Blog. You might know Krystle from Style By Agency which you can follow her on twitter here.

La Petite Mag Issue 10

La Petite Magazine Issue 10 via Kenziepoo

La Petite Magazine Issue 10 via Kenziepoo

La Petite Magazine Issue 10 via Kenziepoo

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DIY Bunting via La Petite Magazine

Head on over to La Petite Magazine blog for a fun DIY Bunting! This diy project was featured in the newest Issue 9 which came out last week! This bunting would look great in your kids room!

La Petite Magazine

Finally after some technical difficulties La Petite Issue 9 Out Now! I love this issue, and we hope you do too! We are thrilled to share with you Issue 9 of La Petite! Now, be honest…on most days in your world of grown-up living, your biggest adventure might be going to the mail- box to get the daily mail, or traversing the interstate to a far-away land, like the mall or grocery store. Sometimes our mundane & monotonous adult world really lacks the color, wonder, and adventure of our kids’ everyday. With this issue, as we take you to places like the precarious wild and the whimsical circus, we say, forget your gray world! Unleash your curiosity and get lost in a place far, far away for your daily habits. Dream and be inspired by the wondrous everyday of a child!

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Image Credit: 1.Piotr Motyka 2.Karolina Henke

I am so beyond excited for La Petite Issue 9 coming out in about a week and 1/2. I have been working so hard on this issue and really can’t wait for everyone to see it! I hope you love it just as much as I do!

La Petite Magazine

I am thrilled to say that my La Petite office is finally done and I am so happy with the results! Designer Kirsten Grove from Simplygrove who happens to me my beautiful cousin transformed my room into a lovely office/headquarters for La Petite Magazine. It is featured on Design Sponge today, in which you can view the rest of the room!

La Petite Magazine

Yay, finally La Petite Issue 8 is out now! This issue of La Petite was inspired by the shifting sands and rippling designs of the desert in this issue of La Petite! Hope you love it as much as we do!! My favorite, in this issue is the dancing shoes video by Joanna Paterson. My little Kenzie loves this video and wants to keep watching it over and over again!

La Petite Magazine Issue 8