01.18.2013 / Happy Weekend!

Kenziepoo Room via Kenziepoo

Hope you all have a Happy Weekend! I am throwing a going away party for my sister this weekend, and have a lot to do still to get ready for it!

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01.14.2013 / Happy Monday

Kenziepoo Home

It was a fun weekend full of friends and family! I also had a chance to add a little greenery to our home, and I think it added just the right touch of color. I also cleaned my little Kenzie’s room-Her room was overdue for a good deep clean!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Kenziepoo Home

Kenziepoo Home

Kenziepoo Home

Kenziepoo's Room

Kenziepoo's Room

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and eat a lot of goodies!

My little Kenzie was sick the past 2 days and is finally feeling like herself again. While she was sick I had a chance to clean her room and snap a quick pic! I somehow missed a toy under her bed, oh well!


Yay, hip hip hooray! Kenziepoo’s room is finally finished. It took me a lot longer to get her room finished then I thought. My lovely friend Jamie came over on Thursday of last week to put up the wallpaper. Once we got the wallpaper up, we put up all of the decor. We also had someone come build her a desk for her room. She loves to color and make crafts on it!

Below you will find a list of the sites/brands that sponsored items for Kenzie’s room:



We seriously are almost done with Kenzie’s room. It has taken longer then we first estimated. It should be done by next weekend! (fingers crossed) We just recently got her bed in from Kalon Studios, and she loves it! I can’t wait to share with you her room tour, hopefully next weekend.

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09.28.2011 / This Week…

This week Kenzie & I worked on her room, took a photoshoot,  Stacie Bloomfield came up with a new Kenziepoo logo, and my web designer Marcus revamped a few things on my blog. Do you like it? I am very pleased with the results. I will share all of the images of the photoshoot this week!

We are almost done with Kenzie’s room. Yay! We still need to wallpaper, which we will be doing next week. Above are a few things that we got in the mail this last week: Ferm Living Harlequin wallpaper, Deep Dark Africa Crochet Light, Large Cloud cushion from Noodoll.

I will share more pics of the newly wallpapered room next week!

We are more than halfway done in the process of Kenzie’s newly remodeled room! Hip, hip, hooray! I can’t wait for Kenzie to see her new room. She has been asking me everyday when her new big girl’s room will be done. We are waiting on her bed and wallpaper to arrive, so that we can finish the room.

Below is a mock up of kind of what Kenzie’s room will look like when it is all finished.

From Top Top Bottom: 1.hip hooray garlands from maromeria 2.crochet light large from deep dark africa 3.up poster by fine little day shop 4.ferm living harlequin wallpaper 5. the dorm by ferm living 6.echo toddler bed by kalon studios 7. Kebnekaise knitted pouf by little red stuga 8.lapin lamp from lapin & me

Pictured above on Image 1 & 3:hut-hut kids resin by kalon studios from maromeria 4 image: luckyboysunday pillows from mash n gravy

I am so excited to finally finish Kenzie’s newly remodeled room! Here new white floors look so amazing and I am slowly starting to add things into her room! I can’t wait for you all to see! Above are a few white inspirational rooms for you to enjoy!

Here is a little update on Kenzie’s New Room. My talented cousin Shane just finished putting in the wood floors. The next step is to paint the floors white and finish painting the rest of the room. Then on to putting up wallpaper, adding in furniture, and then last but not least styling! I will keep sharing pictures as we progress with the room!