Little Nest

Have you heard of Little Nest before? It’s an Australian owned furniture company that focuses on creating stylish, fun and functional furnishings for children which will compliment today’s contemporary family home.

Their debut range of child sized replica furniture respectfully pays tribute to 20th century modern classic furniture designs, which are true icons in the contemporary design world.

Little Nest

Your kids will love any item in their space!!

Little Nest

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Image Credits From Left To Right: 1.found via coos & ahhs 2.rafa kids toddler bed 3. xo in my room 4.sebra kili crib 5.creme anglaise moon bed 6.kalon studios echo toddler bed

One of these days me and my hubby will be having another little one. I am already looking at cribs and putting together a mood board for the room. Here are some of my favorite cribs and beds right now. What are your favorites?

Clever Tomato has one of the best kids modern furniture selections! It is one of my favorite sites! Parents have little time, so Clever Tomato does the work for you. They offer a hand-picked selection of quality products by companies that truly care about children. They strive to continue their search, bringing you what’s new in todays market. No need for surrendering to the ordinary, leaving behind your love for design.

Have fun shopping at Clever Tomato!

1.Eames High Chair 2.Photo 3.Print

Studio Violet
Sandra Juto

These are things I love for this Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I had an especially fun weekend, because it was my Birthday yesterday! Wow, I cannot believe how time has just flown by. I feel like I just had my birthday in 2009, and now I am celebrating my Birthday in 2010. I am having a fun little outing with just me and my hubby today to celebrate. It should make for a very fun day!

01.28.2010 / Love this Look

Image via Simplygrove via BogligLiv

I love this look! This is one of my favorite cribs, but it is quite expensive! This crib is the Kili from Sebra. You can see more details on this crib via Kids Love Design. What is your favorite crib, I would love to hear!

So I think I am mildly obsessed with the Eames Molded Plastic Rocker. I bought one for Kenzie’s Room and love it so much! I wished I would have known about these Rockers before Buying mine. These definitely have such a better price tag on them, but they don’t have the Eames License on them. You can find these lovely chairs via Modernica, Modern Dose, Overstock and of course Ebay.

At Kalon Studios, they make every effort to be as green and sustainable as can be. They use raw materials that are renewable. They finish woods with an oil developed that is so green, so-non toxic that it’s food grade. You can Find this Lovely Furniture here.