Diy Hanger by Amm Blog

Loving this adorable DIY Hanger idea posted by my lovely friend and talented blogger Jennifer. Check out the how to’s on her blog

06.13.2013 / DIY: Side Swept Hair

DIY: Side Swept Hair

Are you looking for a super easy hairstyle for your little princess? Then look no further then here! You can get this easy DIY Side Swept Hair in no time at all!  Your little one will look adorable and will want you to do it all the time on her!
Items Needed:

6 Bobby Pins
Curling Iron
Hair Spray

First Step: Curl Your Daughters Hair

Second Step: Separate the side of the hair in 2 sections then twist them.

Third Step: Secure the 2 twists with Bobby Pins by criss crossing each bobby pin across each other.

Fourth Step: Then sweep the hair to one side and secure with bobby pins by criss crossing. Then spray the side of hair with hairspray….voila all done!

DIY Side Swept Hair

DIY Side Swept Hair

DIY Side Swept Hair

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03.13.2013 / Mer Mag: DIY Clock

Mer Mag: DIY Clock

I am loving this Mer Mag DIY Clock Idea! You can check out all the How To’s on her blog here.

DIY Bunting via La Petite Magazine

Head on over to La Petite Magazine blog for a fun DIY Bunting! This diy project was featured in the newest Issue 9 which came out last week! This bunting would look great in your kids room!

La Petite Magazine

Here are some fun DIY projects for you to enjoy with your kids! DIY via Babble

DIY via La Petite Magazine blog


06.11.2012 / DIY: Bow Bun

I thought it would be fun to try the Bow Bun on my little Kenzie. She loves bows, so what better hairstyle to try on her!

Items Needed:

      • Ponytail Holder
      • Brush
      • Bobby Pins

First Step: Pull hair back into a high Pony, and secure it with a ponytail holder.

Second Step: On the last time pulling your hair through the ponytail holder leave a loop at the top and leave the tails of your hair facing forward

Third Step: Split your loop into two loops, dividing them in half

Fourth Step: Then take the tails of your hair and smooth it out and wrap it around the middle of the two divided loops. Then tuck it in the back under the hair elastic. Secoure it with Bobby pins if needed. Voila, your done!



Find more DIY Kids Hair Ideas:

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Happy Friday! I love this DIY: Animal Circus Train project! I am planning on doing this with my little Kenzie. I know she would love it! It is made from a few herbal tea boxes and some fun colorful duct tape. Super fun and super easy!!

For the full tutorial visit Mer Mag here.

Also, I blog for Babble’s Family Style Blog weekly and would love for you to check out my post today:

Dip Dyed Hair: The Hottest Color Trend

Me and my little Kenzie had a lot of fun today playing around with Kevin Murphy’s Temporary Color Bug. She loves how it turned out and she said she wanted to do her hair like this everyday. The only thing about this product is that you need to be really careful not to get it on your clothes!

Items Needed:

Kevin Murphy Color Bug
Anti Frizz Cream (Kevin Murphy Easy Rider)

First Step: Put Towel Over your child’s shoulders

Second Step: Apply a setting spray or Kevin Murphey’s Easy Rider to where you would like the Color Bug to stick

Third Step: Apply Color Bug to pre-styled hair or dry hair, massage it into the the product (setting spray or Kevin Murphy’s Easy Rider). Shake excess Color Bug off onto towel.

Fourth Step:  Voila, your done!


For more DIY Hair Ideas for your little one go here & here.

11.15.2011 / Tuesday Picks

Image Credits: 1.pinocchio marionette puppet printable paper craft pdf 2.fabric block horse diy 3.paper horse

06.10.2010 / 2 Fun DIY Projects

These are two very fun DIY Projects that I think would look great in a Nursery Child’s room or Playroom!
The first one is so cute! Instead of doing Chalkboard on the wall, why not find a Porcelain item in
your home and paint it with Chalkboard Paint! So simple and what a statement! If you are to lazy to do
the first project (haha) you can actually buy these cute little rabbits here.

The second project would be so much fun as well! Just cut out a shape of a cloud from Faux Sheepkin.
Sounds easy enough. To see the full Tutorial go here.