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I am a huge fan of Thumbeline! Love every brand they carry. I want every girl item for my little Kenziepoo. They carry all of the best kids brands, you will have a hard time choosing from this Amazing shop!

Thumbeline Store

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I am such a Huge fan of Mini Rodini! I think all of their designs are brilliant! You will be so happy to hear that Mini Rodini + Bugaboo are doing a fun Collaboration. On May 1st a limited collection of 20 numbered strollers with pattern designed by Mini Rodini will be for sale. You can find out more here.

Mini Rodini Collaboration

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Today we are celebrating my little Kenzie’s 4th Birthday. She invited all of her “little friends” as she calls them. We are doing a fun cloud theme for her party, and she can’t wait to see all of her little cloud decorations! I will share pics this week of the fun Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday to my little Kenzington (aka Kenzie) I can’t believe that you are turning 4 today. You are my doll, and Mommy and Daddy love you so much! I can’t imagine life without you, and I can’t imagine loving you any less then what I do at this moment. Lots of Love to you on this very special day… Love Mommy & Daddy

Have you seen Ketiketa’s new Spring/Summer 2012? If not then you will fall for their beautiful collection for sure! I am a huge fan of the pastel and soft colors in their new collection. Your little one will be styling for sure in these adorable clothes.


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I haven’t done a “Turn This Room Into An Outfit” post in awhile and thought I would do one today!

From Top To Bottom: 1.dress 2. cape 3. leggings

Image Credits-From Top Left To Right: 2. 3. 4.  & Black Scissor gfx found here

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Here are things I love for this Monday!

Kenzie just received these fun clothes in the mail from Scotch R ‘Belle! She loves them! You will love this brand and their new Spring/Summer range. It’s a delicate and cool girls collection, designed with love and care and attention to detail. Your little one will definitely be styling in these fun clothes from Scotch R’ Belle!

Scotch R’ Belle Site

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How Cute are these pillow creations by Couchy Empire! My friend Honor Dunn told me about this project. I think I need some for my little Kenzie’s Room! She would love them!

Couchy Empire Site

Seriously how great is this Playhouse made by Rikka from Weekday Carnival? It is a playhouse that you can unzip into pieces and make a playmatress or a chair with it as well. You can find out more about this Playhouse later this year when Rikka publishes her DIY book. I definitely will be purchasing that book. What about you?

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04.09.2012 / Fun Easter 2012

We had such a fun Easter 2012! We went to our annual Easter Egg Hunt at our Church on Saturday, and then went shopping for some fun new bowls & accessories for our newly remodeled kitchen. Kenzie had so much fun finding eggs on Saturday, conversing with her friends and riding on a swing with her little Buddy Zeke. The next day we went to Easter Sunday church all dressed up in our new Easter outfits, then spent time with our family after church. Is was such a fun weekend, and Kenzie says she can’t wait until next year! What fun things did you do on Easter?